How to use online stores


Our Click Save Support program gives you access to over a thousand online stores!

Step 1:

Click on the Online stores button, then search by category, store, keyword or simply browse through the list of options.

Step 2:

To access an online store simply click Shop now. You will see some details about nominated charities, then you will be directed to the store.

There is a tracking code in the website which will track your purchase to your nominated charity, so you there is nothing extra that you have to do.

Step 3:

Once on the store's website, you will need to create a new account with the store if you haven’t already. You can use your Click Save Support login to create and account or it can be different. It’s up to you.

In addition to the savings you make, a percentage of your purchase will go to support the charity you have nominated on your Click Save Support account.

It's that easy!

Be part of the difference.